Monday, December 2, 2019

Love Letter, A Sheet of Paper That Can Make the Recipient of a Heart

Love Letter, A Sheet of Paper That Can Make the Recipient of a Heart

Love Letter, A Sheet of Paper That Can Make the Recipient of a Heart

Love Letter, A Sheet of Paper That Can Make the Recipient of a Heart

Before the digital era like now, around 80's and 90's, my era was small. An affordable communication tool is to use mail. Especially for communication with relatives who are outside the city.

The telephone also exists, but it is still limited to certain circles who have it. Even if there is a public telephone, phone shops people call it. That's not satisfying enough if you want to talk at length because the cost of the conversation is calculated.

While the letter, only with a stamp of Rp. 3,000, we can tell all kinds of up to several pages. It's just that it took several days to be able to receive the letter sent. Unless you use a special flash. Between one or two days arrived.

Usually, to ask for news, rarely use flash stamps. An ordinary stamp is enough. Flash stamps are usually for sending news that we want the recipient to read immediately.

Then, there is a telegram that is even faster, but the capacity of the news sent is limited. Usually telegrams for sending news are very important, such as sad news or sick news.

Special express mail is usually for sending important letters or documents, such as job application letters. But special express mail can also be used to send love letters. Because love letters are quite important for the sender and the recipient.

Love letter? Iyes When I was in school around the 1980s and above, love letters were the most romantic communication tool for two people in love. People who are in love can write sheets of romantic sentences. Even if you meet, you don't even say hello. Just look at each other, smile and blush. Well, that's typical of 80s and 90s teenagers.

I first received the love letter from grade V elementary school. Get it from the seniors who are put under the table. When I was at school, the desk was long and there was a box underneath it. The point is to put some books from the bag so that the table is not narrowed by books.

Before going home from school, we check. Worried there is school equipment left behind. That's when I found a letter from my senior. His name is also an elementary school student, certainly not romantic words of love like today's child. Only in the form of rhymes that I felt was heartbroken.

First, of course, flattered. I remember the sound of the rhymes very well. Like this it reads:

Thousands of ants rangrang

Only one has three

Thousands of girls Prohibition

Only one that I love

Cieee ... suits. Can you imagine how I felt at that time? Prohibition is my hometown. Gosh, you can, Senior. The Indonesian language score must be eight.

Second, the love letter received can make the heart afraid. Yes, afraid of getting caught by friends. Wow, you can complain to the homeroom teacher and be teased. In the old days it felt very embarrassed when found out alone with a boy friend.

Finally I carefully saved the letter. Even at home like that. Fear of being found out by parents. Be confused where to save it. Gosh ... do you remember that it's funny? A letter can make us heartbreak, confused and unable to sleep thinking about how to store it.

Stepping on middle and high school parents already understand. So when you receive letters, especially through the postal pack, you are not afraid anymore. Because the love letter is mixed with letters from pen pals or greeting cards from friends.

But it's still heartbreaking when there are letters from someone special. Ah, it turns out that heart attack is not only caused by cholesterol. But from a love letter, you can. How come? If our hearts become palpitations abysmally made. Cold sweat when face to face and chat together. It turns out the terrible effect of a love letter. (EP)