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Examples of Requests for Good and Correct Goods,Requests Letter

Examples of Requests for Good and Correct Goods,Requests Letter

Examples of Requests for Good and Correct Goods,Requests Letter
                           7 Examples of Requests for Good and Correct Goods

Examples of Requests for Good and Correct Goods,Requests Letter

7 Examples of Requests for Good and Correct Goods
Examples of Good and Correct Goods Request Letter will contain in detail the contents and purpose of the letter which is about a demand for goods complete with price and details so that it is very easy to understand to whom we will send the letter must also be clear and can be read in a language system standard and polite. Well on this occasion the admin will try to share with friends at home about some Examples of Request for Goods complete with how the arrangement and how to make it.

Examples of Requests for Goods in large and small parties are actually the same. Suppose you are someone who is new to a snack food retail business and get information in newspaper advertisements about the wholesale price offered by a party in a large party, then if you want to buy in large quantities and can become partners, for example, it would be nice indeed using a letter even though you can also send an email or directly to the place via telephone confirmation first.

However, in some service and goods companies with large scale you are required to make a letter of supply and demand for these goods because it will later be included in a report recap from the company and become a collaborative responsibility in the business world that is binding and usually there is also a contract if necessary. Ok, just check it out below, the admin presents a few examples of the writing procedures and the format of the request for goods properly.

Sample Request for Goods 1

Medan, 9 March 2018
Number: - (You can fill in the letter number if any)
Subject: Request for quote and price list

Dear PT Makmur Sejahtera
Jl Mawar No 23 Medan

With respect,
In connection with your advertisement on a radio on March 6, 2018, we are very interested in purchasing the various types of health teaching aids that you offer in the ad.

For that we ask that you can send more detailed specifications, price lists, ways to purchase the following payment methods. As for the problem of ordering, we will immediately do after we receive your information.

For your attention, we say thank you.

Best regards,
PT Makmur Sejahtera

Endi Mighty
General Affairs Manager

Sample Request for Goods 2

Date: April 12, 2018
Number: ……………………….
Hal: ……………………….

PT Intan Madani
Jln: Manis Jaya No 12

With respect,
Following up on your offer letter, date ... (date, month, year), regarding the offer of beauty products. By this, we intend to order:
No. code Description Amount of Ordered

All items that we ordered are expected to be received by us on the latest …………

Payment for all our orders, will be carried out two days after we receive all the ordered goods. As proof, we will send a photocopy of proof of payment.

Thus we submit this letter. For all the attention, we thank you.

Best regards,


Sample Letter of Request for Goods

Jakarta, October 20, 2011


No. : 045 / X / PDS / 09
Hal: letter of order

With respect,
Based on the letter of offer of goods made by PT SESUAI SELERA to us PT. Forward Yourself, then we intend to order goods to you with specifications and prices in accordance with what you offer us

The following are the names and specifications of the items we ordered
No. Item Name Specifications
We hope that the items we ordered in accordance with those listed can be sent immediately, bearing in mind our company is in dire need, for your attention and cooperation we extend our thanks

Best regards