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Examples of Requests Based on Purposes,Requests Letter

Examples of Requests Based on Purposes,Requests Letter

Examples of Requests Based on Purposes,Requests Letter
Examples of Requests Based on Purposes

Examples of Requests Based on Purposes,Requests Letter

Application letter is a letter made by individuals, organizations and business entities to request a matter from another party or other agency.

The purpose of this letter is to submit a formal request, so in making it must use formal language and follow the basic format used in general.

The application letter itself consists of several categories, namely the recommendation request letter, permit application letter, and many other types of application letters. Basically, this type of letter has a basic format consisting of a letter number, attachment, subject, contents, name and signature of the sender on a 6 thousand stamp.

For more details, here we summarize several categories of application letters along with examples.

Application letter of recommendation

As the name implies, the letter of recommendation request is given on the basis of an assessment of the applicant's performance. Generally, this letter category is used to request work recommendations, scholarships, procurement activities, and others.

Here is an example of a letter that can be used as a reference:

Bekasi Regency Government

education authorities

SMA Negeri 2 Bekasi City

Jl. Tangkuban Perahu No. 1 Tel (021) 8843280

Scholarship Application Request Letter

Number: 789 / SMANB / II / 2019

The undersigned below :

Name: Drs. Nurul

Position: Principal

ID: 9999107289367

Hereby provide recommendations to:

Name: Jessica Tania

Class: XI

Address: RT 69 RW 1 Measan, Bulu, Lendah, Kulon Progo

Parent's Name: Sylvia Valentina

Parents' Work: Labor

Parent Address: RT 69 RW 1 Measan, Bulu, Lendah, Kulon Progo

Which is a student of Bekasi City High School 2. Based on the results of the last learning evaluation we have carried out, the students concerned have good achievements. The following details the academic achievements of the student:

Class X, semester I ranked first
Class X, semester I rank I
Based on the achievements obtained by Jessica, I as a school representative considered the student to be eligible for a scholarship. So, with this letter, we the school provides recommendations so that the student concerned gets a scholarship.

Thus this recommendation letter was made properly and used as it should.

Bekasi, September 6, 2019


Drs. Nurul

NIP 9999107289367

Application for permission

Permit application letter is a letter made to request permission from another person or party. Generally this letter is used for the purposes of events, permits, and others. Here is an example of a letter that can be used as a reference:



Jl. Pink Lotus No. 102 - 104 Bandung 67033

Phone 022 - 690210 Fax. 022 - 690211

Bandung, March 22, 2018

Number: 22 / OS60 / SU / 9/18

Properties: Important

Attachments: 1 (one) Proposal File

Page: Application for an Activity Permit


Mr. Chief

SMA Negeri 2 Bandung City

In place

With respect,

All praise is due to Allah SWT who has bestowed His mercy and guidance, and may we always be in the abundance of faith in Him. Shalawat and sholawat and greetings may always be devoted to the great Prophet Muhammad until the end of time.

In order to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Bandung City 60th High School, we intend to hold a thanksgiving event for all citizens of Bandung 60th City High School in order to tighten friendship ties and increase solidarity of citizens of Bandung 60th City High School to be held on:

Day / Date: Monday, 06 September 2019

Time: 9:00 - finished

Therefore, we, as the organizing committee, intend to request permission to hold these activities so that the event can run smoothly as it should.

Thus we submit this request. We hope that this permit application will be granted so that this activity can be carried out well. Thank you for your attention and support.

Best regards,

Head of Student Council of SMA Negeri 2 Bandung,

Nurul H.

Application letter for assistance

Permit applications are used for things that are asking for help. For example, a letter requesting assistance with tuition relief, such as the example below:

Foundation for Orphan Support, Abandoned Children and Dhu


Desa Janur RT. 02 RW. 11, Pati, Tel (021) 3319548

Application for Cost Assistance

Number: 789 / SMANB / II / 2019

Number: 94 / YPATDD / V-9/6/19

Attachments: 1 (one) sheet

Page: Application for Taking Even Semester Exams and Cost Relief


Head of Madrasah Aliyah

Nurul H.

In place

We as administrators of the Al-Ubaiddah Foundation apply for assistance so that our students named:

Jessica Tania Class XII Science 5
Kevin Hansen Class XI IPS 1
So that they can still take the even semester exam this year with the cost relief provided. The lack of costs include:

Jessica Tania Class XII IPA 5 with details as follows:

3 month SPP: IDR 300,000
Computer Money: 100,000 Rp
Even Semester Money: Rp. 55,000
Parting Money: Rp. 55,000
Nasrullah Kevin Hansen Class XI IPS 1 with details as follows:

SPP Money 3 months: Rp. 120,000
Computer Money: IDR 60,000
Even Semester Money: Rp. 35,000
Parting Money: Rp. 55,000
Thus we make this request letter, hopefully it can be used by the authorities. Thank you for your attention.

Pati, September 6, 2019

Imam D.

Apprenticeship application

Apprenticeship requests are generally required by final year students or vocational students as the main requirements for completing the education process. Here is an example of a letter that can be used as a reference:

Jakarta, September 6, 2019

Subject: Application for Internship

Attachments: 1 (one) bundle


PT Permata Mas

Jalan Senopati 123

Central Jakarta

With respect,

I, the undersigned below:

Name: Nurul

NIM: 76019934556

Address: Jalan Senopati 32, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta.

Higher Education: Jakarta University of Technology, Jalan Kembangan Utara, West Jakarta

Study program: S1 Computer System

With this letter I intend to apply for a permit to be able to carry out my practical work (internship) for 1 (one) to 3 (three) months in the company that you manage. As material for your consideration, I attach a number of files as follows:

Curriculum Vitae (CV) list
Copy of Student Card
Last KHS with GPA
Recent photograph, size 3 × 4 = 2 pieces
SKCK (Police Registration Certificate)
Thus I submit this request, I have a big dream so that Mr / Mrs are pleased to consider this request. Thank you for your attention and wisdom.

Best regards

Jakarta, September 6, 2019

Application for funds

As the name implies, the application for funds is intended for applicants who need financial assistance. Generally this letter is used by large event organizers who need financial support. Here is an example of a letter that can be used as a reference:

Jakarta, September 6, 2019

Matters: Request for Fund Support

Subject: 1 (one) sheet

Dear. : Acting Dean

Faculty of Computer Science

Sriwijaya University

With respect,

In connection with the commencement of the implementation of PKM (Student Creativity Program) activities received by DIKTI in 2012, I am the undersigned:

Name: Kevin D.

NIM: 09081002040

Department: Informatics Engineering / 2013

As chairman of the PKM group entitled: "Secrets of Success Since Childhood" - Information technology knowledge socialization to explore the potential of elementary school children in the Cilandak District, Jakarta.

Hereby submit an application for borrowing funds in the amount of Rp. 500,000,000 (five hundred and fifty thousand rupees). The funds will be used to carry out the initial PKM activities with details attached. The funds will be returned when DIKTI funds have been distributed to PKM groups that receive funds.

Thus this request letter was made. Thank you for your attention.


Jakarta, September 6, 209

Kevin D.

Those are some examples of application letters that are widely used in general. There are many more categories of application letters that are used for various purposes. Hopefully the examples and explanations above are useful, yes.