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Example of a Good and Correct Service Letter to Facilitate Your Work || Simple Letter

Example of a Good and Correct Service Letter to Facilitate Your Work || Simple Letter

Example of a Good and Correct Service Letter to Facilitate Your Work || Simple Letter

Example of a Good and Correct Service Letter to Facilitate Your Work

Example of a Good and Correct Service Letter to Facilitate Your Work

In the past, during school, maybe you had permission not to enter, because of illness or various other things. Then you have to give a letter, as your official permit statement. Now, when you are working, you might also have gotten or made a letter, but for work, or what we call official letters.

In terms of form, it might not be much different from other letters. It's just that the contents, format, purpose and function are different. He refers to the next word, which is service.

In this article we will try to discuss things related to this letter. Starting from a literal explanation, goals and functions, to examples related to it. For that, read this article to the end!

Get to know the service letter

If you've ever written a letter, whether it's for a teacher or for your friend, maybe you know what a letter looks like. Now, for what we will discuss today are letters, it's just that the context is for service. To find out more, see the review!

We will start from the definition of official words written in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). Dinas means everything related to the (government) department; not private. In addition, the official said also interpreted as duty, work (in government service).

Whereas literally and terminology, it is a letter issued by an agency or institution. The aim is for official purposes. Another understanding says, official letters are official letters that contain matters relating to service.

The purpose was made to convey various purposes. Starting from permits, announcements, assignments, or others.

In the writing systematics, this letter has a special writing format, namely in formal and official language.

Function of Making Service Letters

Based on the explanation of the meaning literally and the term, you might have caught, what are the functions of this letter. However, to make it clearer, here are some points related to the function of the letter we are discussing.

First, as a Reminder

First is a reminder. Official letters can be used as reminders. This can be used by the recipient or the giver of the letter, especially related to certain official work or activities. For this reason, this letter should be archived.

Second, as evidence

What do you mean? The letter for this official service is an official letter and issued by the agency can be used as an authentic evidence. The proof can be for proof of procurement agreement, or evidence of changes to something.

Third, as a Work Guideline

This is a commonly used one, a letter for work guidelines. Starting from giving work instructions, activity permits, and others. In this case, the form is a permit or decree.

Existing Elements in the Office Letter

We continue, to the next discussion. This section will describe the elements contained in a letter, especially for official affairs. You need to know, so you can easily identify or when you will make it.

The following are the elements contained in an official letter:

Head and letterhead. Usually contains the logo and name of the agency that issued this official letter.
The letter number, usually adjusted to the code and the order in which the letter was issued.
Date of letter
Letter attachments, tentative in nature, can or may not be.
Regarding letters, an overview of the contents of the letter. Or type of letter, for example a permit, and others.
Mailing Address
The contents of the letter, contains the core message to be conveyed.
Closing letters, this is different from closing greetings. Usually one paragraph long.
Sender's name, can be with signature or not.
Requirements for a Service Letter

Apparently, if you are going to write an official letter, there are some conditions that you need to fulfill or pay attention to. These conditions may not be absolute conditions, but they should be met when you make them.

Mail Format. This official letter must follow the applicable formal and formal letter forat.
In terms of content, this letter must be concise, concise and clear.
The language used for writing is official, formal, standard, polite, but still easy to understand.
Preferably, the letter issued for the purposes of this service represents and provides a good image of the agency or agency that issued it.
Types of Service Letters
Now, we will go into the discussion section for types of letters for official purposes. There are several types that we need to know, so when we make it later, we can adjust it well. Here are a few types:

Work Travel Orders

The first and most common type of official letter is a work trip. As the name suggests, this letter is issued to convey work travel orders. This letter is important because when someone goes on a work trip, there will be other jobs left behind. In addition, there will also be other facilities obtained, for this reason there needs to be evidence that explains the work journey.

Employment agreement

Besides work orders, there are also employment agreements. Of course it contains agreements between two or more parties in a work relationship. It can be at the beginning of work, or other moments related to work ties.

Working Calls

Many companies provide official letters in the form of employment summons. Whether it contains a call to do a job interview, or contains a message to start a job. Because of course it has passed the qualifications and competency tests of a company.

Prepare a Service Letter

Now, we have arrived at the compilation of letters for the benefit of the office. What do you need to prepare before writing this letter? Of course there are some things, which you can note and prepare when you are going to make them.

The first thing you can do is prepare letterhead. Generally, an agency has since established a logo and letterhead. Because they know that letterhead will be indispensable for secretarial and other needs.

Official letters without a letter, will look like ordinary and informal letters. So that it can be categorized into other types of letters. Because, he did not meet the elements and conditions of this official letter or service.

Then is the purpose and content of the letter. Do not let, you already want to write, but you do not know for sure who you are headed to. For example, only just certain company staff, without a name and exact position.

The contents as the core of the letter you must also prepare carefully. Starting from compliance with the subject until the diction used. So that the message you want to convey can be understood well by the recipient.

If so, you can try to write official letters. Don't forget to check it again before you send. Minimize or make sure there are no errors. Because, this letter is a representation and forming of your institutional image.

Sample Official Letter

Finally, so that you can better understand and get a complete picture of our discussion this time, we will look at an example of this letter below. One example we will discuss is an assignment letter or work travel order. Here is an example.

How, already know and understand the form to how to make official letters. That way, if there are tasks out of town, you do not need to be confused anymore to convey them to your employees. They will also be more assured of travel when there is a letter of assignment.

Oh yes, usually on a business trip, an employee or staff will get a variety of facilities, including the cost of meals and all accommodations while he is on duty.

If it is not in the form of cash, it will usually take the form of reimbursement or replacement. Now, to simplify this process, to make both parties, namely accountants and service staff easy, there is one application that can help.

His name is Jojo Expense from Jojonomic. Reimbursement can later be done anywhere and anytime. Because everything is done using gadgets and digitally. So that later this work process will be more efficient. Good luck!

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