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(DOC) Example of a Service Letter and How It Is Made [Update 2019],Simple Letter

(DOC) Example of a Service Letter and How It Is Made [Update 2019],Simple Letter

(DOC) Example of a Service Letter and How It Is Made [Update 2019],Simple Letter

(DOC) Example of a Service Letter and How It Is Made [Update 2019]

(DOC) Example of a Service Letter and How It Is Made [Update 2019]

Definition of Service Letter

An official letter is a letter made in formal language from an institution, both government and private, where the letter has official goals between agencies. From the above definition it can be seen that official letters are only issued at certain times and conditions by an agency. In making official letters refer to the Official Letter Standard which in writing uses the official language according to EYD.

Usually an agency issues letters with purposes as diverse as invitations, reprimands, announcements, and other purposes. When issuing an official letter, it is also necessary to know the relevant official authorized to issue the letter. Without an official signature related to the official letter, the letter is not valid.

Characteristics of Service Letters

Unlike other letters, there are special features contained in a service letter. These are some of the special features of official letters that distinguish them from other letters.

Have Letterhead

The thing that most distinguishes official letters from other types of letters is that each official letter always has a letterhead at the top. This letterhead indicates where this letter came from. Without the letterhead the recipient will be confused because they do not know which agency sent the letter.

Have a Letter Number

Then the second point that distinguishes official letters from other letters is the letter number. Every official letter that comes out will be recorded in the administration book of the issuing agency. This numbering function is related to the orderly administration of the agency.

Use Official Language

Official letters always use official language. Because this letter is intended for other agencies, the language used is also official. It would be impolite to use informal language in writing this letter.

Equipped with an Agency Stamp or Stamp

Another feature is that official letters always include a stamp or stamp from the agency that issued the letter. Just like a letterhead, the stamp function aims to inform the origin of the letter. Related material: Example MoU, Sample Work Declaration, Job Application Letter [2019]
(DOC) Example of a Service Letter and How It Is Made [Update 2019],Simple Letter
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Terms of Service Letter

The text above has explained the characteristics of official letters. At this time we will explain the terms of official service. Indeed there are no fixed rules in writing official letters. However, the conditions need to be studied so that the letter does not seem informal. The requirements for writing official letters are as follows:

Use official language in writing the contents of official letters
Letters are concise, concise and clear.
Explain in detail about the contents of the letter
The format of the letter is made according to official standards.
Types of official letters
As explained above that official letters have different purposes in their making. The following are types of official letters:

1. Notification Letter

In conveying information to other parties, a notice is usually used. This type of letter is widely issued by government agencies, because it is related to the latest information or the presence of certain activities. Notification letter includes information that supports an activity.

2. Invitation Letter

An agency sometimes does an activity that invites outsiders. To convey this information an official invitation letter was used. With the invitation letter will make the recipient feel respected and awaited his presence at an activity.

3. Work summons

The next type of official letter is a letter of employment. Where this letter is intended for employees who are accepted to work to be informed of their graduation in the employee acceptance test stage.

4. Employee Mutation Letter

When an employee is transferred from a place or position, the agency where he works will produce a mutation letter which will be used as a notification for his old place and the new place.

5. Official travel documents

In an official trip an employee also requires a letter of assignment. As proof of his assignment somewhere from the institution where he worked.

6. Work Order

When deciding the winner of a job, a work order will be issued. In this letter informs about the time and technical implementation of the work.
an example of a good official letter
Example structure of official letters
Service Letter Structure
This is the beginning and the top of the official letter. Has the function of explaining where the agency issued the letter. The form of letterhead itself varies but usually consists of agency logos, agency addresses, telephone numbers, and agency names.
Letter Date
When making a letter, don't forget to include the date. Because with the date we understand when the letter was issued.
Reference number
Giving a letter number is certainly mandatory for an agency. With the administration letter number, it is also easy to arrange the archiving of the letter itself.
Subject explain briefly the purpose and purpose of the issuance of the letter.
The recipient's address needs to be stated in the official letter. This information is useful for people who send letters and is useful for making the letter look more official.
The appendix contains the file or additional information submitted da

Sample Official Letter

Number: 05 / DPD-Bogor Regency / X / 2018
Subject: Warning I

The Chairman of PT Elang Sejahtera
Jl. Raya Bogor Km 31

With respect,
Based on information we received from the Head of the Bogor Regency Satpol PP who informed that PT Elang Sejahtera is currently installing billboards on Jl Raya Bogor Km 35. The billboards are currently not paid tax of Rp. 5,250,000 (Five Million Two Hundred Fifty Thousands).

For this reason, with the entry of this letter, we intend to collect the billboard tax fees. We give time until September 30, 2019 for your office to resolve this problem. If within the specified time there is no response back from the company representative, we will take action by removing the billboard.

Thus we convey this information in order to be a concern for your company. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Best regards,
(Sign and stamp)
Ibrahim Susanto M.BA

Cc: Mrs. Regent of Bogor Regency
Head of Regional Revenue Service.

These are the things that need to be known about official letters, hopefully useful.