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What is it, and how do I write it? | Application Letter:

Application Letter: What is it, and how do I write it?

Sooner or later in Indonesia, you will be required to write an Application Letter. Probably to a government office or official. A Application Letter is simply an all purpose letter of request or a petition to an official. Even though often redundant, most government officials will still ask for one in many situations.

An expat may be required to write one when requesting a Letter of Domicile from the local village chief, or to apply for a visa and so on.

Every Indonesian school child should have been taught how to write one. However, if you don't have one nearby to ask, don't fret, we're here to help.

General Format of a Application
All application letters follow a simple format:

Who is it Addressed to?
What is it regarding?
Who is making the request?
What is being requested?
Closing statement.
Date and Signature (usually with a stamp - Rp. 6000 tax stamp)

You then have to include as much information as is necessary to fulfill your request. For instance, for a letter of domicile, you should include:

Your name
Birthplace and Date
Passport number
For a visa extension, your sponsor should make the request letter. Therefore, be sure to include their information as well.

Sample of Application Letter
Below is a sample of a standard Application Letter. You can tailor it to your needs by changing the items in parenthesis:

(the government offical you are petitioning)
(their office address or at least city if you don't know the address)

Subject: (what this letter is regarding)

With respect,

I, the undersigned below :

Name: (your name)
Place / Date Born: (place and DOB)
Job: (job)
Nationality: (nationality)
Passport number: (passport number)
Address: (address)

Hereby submit a request (input what you are requesting).

Thus I made this request and for your attention and wisdom, I say thank you.

(date and place),

Best regards,

(affix seal here, then sign over it)

(your name)

Even more samples
Some more sample Application letter you can use for:

Applying a Social Culture Visa at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore: link
Getting a Domicile from your local RT, for the purpose of making an NPWP: link
Extending a Visit Permit / Social Culture visa: link
Applying for a spousal Online Vitas: link