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7 Examples of Certificates (Streamlining Diversity of Affairs) || Simple Letters

7 Examples of Certificates (Streamlining Diversity of Affairs) || Simple Letters

7 Examples of Certificates (Streamlining Diversity of Affairs) || Simple Letters

7 Examples of Certificates (Streamlining Diversity of Affairs)

7 Examples of Certificates (Streamlining Diversity of Affairs)

sample certificate 7 Example certificate (Streamlining Various Affairs)
Occasionally certain administrative matters or procedures require a statement. The purpose of making it also varies, including explaining domicile, income, heirs, confirmation of staffing, and much more.

Clearly, some examples of certificates you can see below.

Example Work Certificate

PT. Literate Warrior
Jl. Karet Rear III No: 12, Setiabudi-Kuningan South Jakarta
Tel: 081122334455

Certificate of Employment
No: 232 / HRD / XI / 2018

Name: Adrian Darmawan
Position: President Director
Address: Jl. Rear Rubber III No: 12

I, the undersigned below:
hereby declare that the person concerned below:

Name: Renata Diva
Position: Creative Staff
Address: Jl. Command III No: 13

it is true that he worked as an employee of PT Pejuang Aksara as of 1 September 2018 until now. Brother / i Diva works as Creative Staff of PT. Literate Warrior.

Thus this employment certificate is made as a form of confirmation of employment of you / i concerned.

Surakarta, September 8, 2018


Adrian Darmawan

2. Example of Income Statement

PT. Indonesian Sugar Warehouse
Jl. Woltermongisidi No. 78 Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya, May 1, 2018

Subject: Salary Statement
No .: 204 / July / HRD / 2018

I, the undersigned below:

Name: Briana Ramadan
Position: Personnel Manager

Strictly explain that:

Name: Indra Adikusuma
Position: Promotion Staff

Until now May 1, 2018 is still actively working and the company provides income with the following details:

Basic Salary: Rp. 3,000,000
Food Allowance: Rp. 500,000
Housing Allowance: Rp. 500,000
Transportation Allowance: Rp. 200,000

So the total salary earned is Rp. 4,200,000 (four million two hundred thousand rupiah).

Thus this income statement is a confirmation of our staff's income.

Best regards,

Briana Ramadhan

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3. Example Certificate of Domicile

Provincial Government of the Special Capital City of Jakarta
Management of Neighborhood Association 000/00
Tegal Alur Urban Village, Kali Deres District
City of West Jakarta Administration

Certificate of domicile
Number: 213 / SKD / VIII / 2018

The undersigned below:

Name: Chandra Hamid
Position: Chairperson of RT 000/00
Address: Jalan Menceng Raya RT 03/11

explain that:

Name: Anita Nasution
Place, Date of Birth: Bandung, July 6, 1982
Female gender
Job: Entrepreneur
Marital Status: Widowed
Nationality: Indonesian
Address: Jalan Menceng Raya RT 03/12

Truly, she lives in Tegal Alur, Kalideres, West Jakarta.

This statement of domicile was thus made as confirmation of the domicile of Ms. Anita Nasution in the place mentioned.

Jakarta, August 21, 2018
RT Chair 000/00

Chandra Hamid

4. Example of a Certificate of Pain

Mr / Mrs Management of PT Pejuang Aksara
in place

With respect,

I, the undersigned below:

Name: Citra Lestari
Address: Jalan Menceng Raya RT 03/13
Position: Creative Staff

Through this letter, I ask permission from Mr. Adrian Darmawan as the President Director, that I did not come to work today because I was sick.

As additional proof, I have attached a doctor's certificate.

Thus this permit is made consciously and correctly. For your attention, I say many thanks.

Best regards

Citra Lestari

5. Example Certificate of Not Married

The undersigned below:

Name: Diana Mariana
Bin / Bint: Adikusuma
Place / Date of Birth: Semarang / 21/10/1995
Nationality: Indonesian
Job: Entrepreneur
NIK: 456788754568
Address: Jalan Menceng Raya RT 03/14

Stating as clearly as possible that I have never been married to anyone, either Adat, Religious Law, or State Law.

Thus I made this statement actually without coercion by anyone. If later this statement turns out to be untrue, then I am ready to be prosecuted in accordance with applicable Laws.

Yogyakarta, May 7, 2018
That states,

Dina Mariana

6. Example of a Health Certificate

Hospital Get out fit
Jl. Raya Fitness Km. 7 B Pangeran, Bumirejo, Lendah, Kulon Progo
Tel: (0274) 62398298, Fax: (0274) 872352007

Certificate of health
No: 22 / RS-SS / XI / 2018

The undersigned, the Doctor of Hospital Exit Fully explained that:

Name: Beautiful Mayangsari
Female gender
Age: 23
Address: Jogahan RT. 30 RW. 14, Bumirejo, Lendah, Kulon Progo
Occupation: Student
Check up result:
Height / Weight: 160 cm / 50 kg
Blood Pressure: 120/80 mmHg
Blood Type: B
Color Blind: No.

has been thoroughly examined and declared healthy.

This Health Certificate was made for the purposes of extending SIM C.
Low, March 21 2018

Examining Doctor,

dr. Jamilah Naulia