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5 Examples of Official Letters That Can Be Referred || Simple Letter

5 Examples of Official Letters That Can Be Referred || Simple Letter

5 Examples of Official Letters That Can Be Referred || Simple Letter

5 Examples of Official Letters That Can Be Referred

5 Examples of Official Letters That Can Be Referred

There are several ways to make an official letter, depending on the purpose and purpose of the official letter was made. Before you make an official letter, it helps you first learn the various formats for making official letters. Some of them depend on the institution or depending on the type of event and the purpose of the letter was made. Some examples of official letters are as follows:

1. Example of an Official Invitation Letter

Jl. P. Diponegoro No. 60 Tayanapatuk, West Sumatra

West Sumatra, August 20, 2018

No: 030 / SMAN 1 TYNPTK / 08/2018
Attachments: -
Subject: Invitation

Parents / Guardians of Students
Class XII of SMA Negeri 1

With respect,
In connection with the aim of increasing the knowledge of SMAN 1 Tayanapatuk students, especially for class XIII students, through this letter we as a school education body intend to organize an educational agenda in the form of field studies for class XII students outside of school. The event will be held on:

Day / Date: Monday / August 25, 2018
Time: 7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Place: Office of the Ministry of Education and Culture of West Sumatra Province
Event: Introduction to the Education System

Thus we make this notification letter, for all the attention and cooperation of Mr. / Mrs. Guardian Student we thank you.

Best regards,
Principal of SMA Negeri 1 Tayanapatuk,

Susanto Dwi Pujo, S. Pd.

2. Example of a School Official Letter

North Sumatra Provincial Government
Department of Education and Culture
Public Middle School 1 Medan Utara
Jalan Kyai Mojo No. 125 Blok C North Medan

Medan, November 23, 2018

No .: 067/23/011/2018
Attachments: -
Subject: Invitation for Retrieval of Student Learning Report Results

Dear Parents / Guardians
Students of Class VIIA - VIIH
SMP Negeri 1 Medan Utara

With respect,
We hereby invite the invitation to take reports on student learning outcomes for one semester, namely for the Even Semester period for Class VII 2017-2018 academic year which will be held on:

Day / Date: Monday / November 29 2018
Time: 09.00 WIB
Place: Main Hall SMP N 1 Medan Utara

Thus we invite the invitation to the concerned, hopefully can be on time according to plan. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Best regards,
Principal of SMP N 1 Medan Utara

Soekarno Muhammad, S.H., M.M.

3. Example of a Company Official Letter

PT. Udin Brothers
Jl. K. H. Ahmad Dahlan No. 12-14 Blok B Medan

Number: 112 / MARCH / XII-A / 2018
Subject: Meeting Invitation
Attachments: -

Dear :
Mr. Ferdinan Sujatmiko
Marketing Manager of PT UDIN BERSAUDARA
In place

With respect,
In order to carry out the company's anniversary event, we intend to invite all PT Udin Bersaudara Managers to attend a series of events in the preparatory meeting for the activities that will be held on:

Day / Date: Monday / March 29 2018
Time: 10:00 WIB - Finished
Venue: General Assembly Room Left Wing Long Build

Thus this invitation is conveyed, due to the importance of this event, you are requested to attend on time as planned. For all the attention Mr / Ms, we thank you.

Best regards,
chairman of the committee

Muhammad Subekti

4. Sample Official Notification Letter

MA Al-Anhar
Jl. Banjarsari no. 3 Blok A, Jakarta Pusat

Jakarta, January 12, 2019

Number: 076 / 12-01A / 2019
Attachment: ¬1
Subject: Official meeting invitation

Dear :
All MA Al Anhar Teacher Board Members
In place

With respect,
In the context of the implementation of the Jakarta Provincial Office Meeting, we as the committee invited all Members of the MA Teacher Board Nurul Amanah to attend the meeting at:

Day / Date: Monday / January 29 2019
Time: 10:00 WIB - 11:30 WIB
Venue: Jakarta Grand Meeting Hall II

Given the importance of this event, the presence of Mr / Mrs greatly helped the smooth running of the event. Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Event Person in Charge

Subhan Ranggawarsita

5. Example of the Student Council Official Letter

Semarang 1 High School
Jl. Minister Supeno No. 1 Semarang Kota

No: 013 / OSIS / UND EX / II / 19
Lamp: -
Subject: PORSENI Invitation (Sports and Art Week)

All Class Leaders
SMA Negeri 5 Semarang

With respect,
We as the board of student council of SMAN 1 Semarang invited all class leaders from class X, XI, and XII to attend the invitation of the student council meeting to establish a PORSENI committee which will be held on:

Day / Date: Monday / August 26, 2018
At: 14.00 WIB
Place: Large Hall of SMAN 1 Semarang
Event: PORSENI (Sports and Art Week)
Thank you for your cooperation.

Chairperson of Student Council of SMAN 1 Semarang

6. Example of Official Service Letter

Jl. Jogja-Magelang Km. 8, Muntilan 56983
Tel. 0274 7351527863 Fax. 022 56498566 Mobile. 0875429710

Muntilan, July 20, 2018

Number: B.11 / DPB / 105 / VII / 2018
Attachments: -
Subject: Domain Name Request

MENKOMINFO Kab. Muntilan
in place

The Signed T