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5 Examples of Correct and Appropriate Statements || Simple letter

5 Examples of Correct and Appropriate Statements || simple letter

5 Examples of Correct and Appropriate Statements || simple letter

5 Examples of Correct and Appropriate Statements

5 Examples of Correct and Appropriate Statements

examples of statements 5 Examples of statements that are true and correct
In various important matters, statements are often one of the required documents, for example in matters of work and accounts payable. In this article, you can find examples of statements that can be used as references.

There are examples of employment statements, examples of promissory statements, examples of statements of marriage, and examples of statements of self. There are even examples of debt statements.

Whatever the type and format, the statement must contain a clear identity from the author and the statement in accordance with the purpose of the letter.

1. Example Work Statement

A statement of employment is made by the company to state that the person mentioned in the letter is actually working at the company. One of these employment statements is needed when you apply for credit to the bank.

Jl. Scout No. 90 Jakarta
Tel. 021-98463647

No. 025 / SK.PSS / XI / 2018

The undersigned below

Name: Beni Hartoyo
Position: President Director
Address: Jl. Pinang Mas No. 46 Jakarta
Telephone: 081389048365

State that:

Name: Lusi Widiawati
Place / Date Born: Bandung, February 5, 1992
Telephone: 081389048365

It is true that we are employees of our company with a position as a staff in the production department since August 2015 until now.

Thus I made this statement to be used as it should.

Jakarta, 5 November 2018

Who make a statement
Director of PT Andalan Semesta

2. Example of Statement of Commitment

When you are promoted to a new position, the company will usually ask for a statement of employment capabilities. You must declare your ability and readiness to leave the old position and carry out work in the new position.

No. 005 / SPK / XI / 2018

I, the undersigned below:

Name: Hesti Wulandari
Female gender
Place / Date Born: Solo, March 8, 1990
No. KTP: 39309476404839
Address: Jl. Batik Kawung No. 47 Solo

Hereby declare able to work as Head of Marketing Department at PT Sukses Bersama and is willing to relinquish his previous position as Head of Production Department.

Solo, 5 November 2018

Who make a statement
Hesti Wulandari

3. Examples of Declaration of Marriage

Sometimes, there are certain companies that set conditions for single employees. Therefore, the applicant is required to make a statement not yet married as one of the attachments included in the application letter.


Name: Mutia Rafifah
Female gender
20 years old
Place / Date Born: Banda Aceh, October 5, 1998
Address: Jl. Teuku Umar No. 21 Banda Aceh

Through this letter, I declare that until now, I have never been married to anyone in terms of customary, religious or state law.

Thus I make this statement with truth. If this statement is not true, I am willing to accept the consequences set by the company.

Banda Aceh, 5 November 2018

Who make a statement
Mutia Rafifah

4. Example of Declaration of Debt

very debt transaction must be recorded, especially if it involves a large number. The debt statement must contain the identity, the amount of the debt, the repayment period, and the risks that will occur if it is not fulfilled.


I, the undersigned below:
Name: Maman Suryaman
No. KTP: 04836950473618
Address: Jl. Kebon Kelapa No. 73 Bandung

Hereby declare:

I have borrowed money from you. Budi Wiryawan in the amount of Rp 100,000,000 (one hundred million rupiah) on November 5, 2018.
I promise to return the loan when it is due on May 5, 2018.
If I have not been able to return the loan when it is due, I ask for your permission. Budi Wiryawan to give an additional 30 (thirty) days.
I am ready to take responsibility legally if I have not been able to pay off my debt until the agreed deadline.
Thus I made this letter as it is without coercion from any party.

Jakarta, 5 November 2018

Who Made the Statement
Maman Suryaman

5. Example of Self Declaration

This letter is usually made by a prospective employee for the company. Every company needs certainty and guarantee about each employee. For example, guarantees about no ties with other companies and are free from criminal acts.

Statement letter

The undersigned below:

Name: Aldo Darmawan
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta, 29 September 1990

Hereby declare:

Have never committed or been involved in any crime.
Never been dishonorably discharged as a civil servant or private employee.
Willing to be placed anywhere in Indonesia.
Do not have a work contract or contract with any institution or company.
Thus I have written this statement consciously and truthfully. I am willing to be prosecuted in the realm of law if any of my statements are not proven correct.

Who Made the Statement
Aldo Da