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10+ Examples of Apology,Requests Letter, Cooperation, Help Correctly

10+ Examples of Apology Requests Letter, Cooperation, Help Correctly

10+ Examples of Apology,Requests Letter,  Cooperation, Help Correctly

10+ Examples of Apology,Requests Letter,  Cooperation, Help Correctly

10+ Examples of Apology, Cooperation, Help Correctly

Sample Application Letter - In daily life, we are often faced with a situation that cannot be done alone and must require help, help from others. In order for the request to be granted, we must make a request letter addressed to the party concerned. Besides the application letter can also be to submit a request to someone else.

Because the application letter is official, it is not easy to make it. There are several things that must be considered in making this letter as in the format of the writing. In addition, the use of the right word also influences the request that we submit can be granted.

What is a request letter?

sample application letter

As is well known that the application letter contains a request about something to the party concerned, an individual, entity or institution, organization, company or agency and others. In making the application letter itself has a lot of objectives such as: asking permission, asking for help, requesting cooperation and others. For example there are lots of application letters that have different purposes such as:

Application for permission
Application for leave
Application letter for cooperation
Scholarship application letter
Application letter to hold an activity
Sponsorship request letter
Application for attendance
and others.
In addition, the application letter also serves as written evidence that we make or make a request that is given to the party concerned so that the goals we convey can be achieved with the help of other parties smoothly.

As in official letters in general, in making a request letter must also meet several criteria or conditions that have been determined.

Things to consider when making a request letter

In making the application letter, the most important thing to consider is writing the identity and the purpose that must be true and clear. Also in the application letter try to write concise, concise, precise and easy to understand and do not forget to also include the purpose of the request letter is made and the reasons for the background. To make it easier to obtain certainty about your application being accepted or rejected, it would be nice if a specified deadline for answering the request is included.

The application letter usually consists of a regular format and a neat layout is also very influential. If the request letter is made by an organization, then at the top of the letter must be equipped with a head or letterhead, stating the identity of the relevant institution or agency to be more clear. At the bottom of the letterhead is usually filled with the letter number, date of writing the letter and important matters stating the purpose of making the letter.

Furthermore, the contents of the letter must start with greetings and continue with the identity of the applicant, the contents of the application and end with a closing and a signature. Using the right language style and good will also affect the granted of a petition submitted.

As mentioned above, do not forget to include a deadline for answering at the end of this letter, so that it will be easier for you to obtain certainty. At the very bottom, you must include your name and signature, so that it will be even better if a stamp is also included.

Example application letter
After knowing a few important things in making a letter of application, now you only have to make it. For example, here are some examples of formats for writing a good and correct application letter.

Example of a permit application for holding an activity


Secretariat: Jl. Anggrek no.15 Bantul


Bantul, May 16 2016

Number: 32 / PKS / KTRW5 / VI-16
Page: Application for an Activity Permit
Attachments: 1 Proposal File

Mr. Chairman of RW 05
In place

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

With respect,

All praise is due to Allah SWT who has bestowed His mercy and guidance, and may we always be in the abundance of faith in Him. Shalawat and sholawat and greetings may always be devoted to the great Prophet Muhammad until the end of time.

In commemoration of the 71st Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, we intend to hold an art competition and performance event for the community, especially residents of Jambat sub-village in order to strengthen the relationship and increase community solidarity which will be held on:

Day / Date: Sunday, 21 August 2016
Time: 7am to finish
Place: Field and Multipurpose Building RW 05 Melodi Indah Village

Therefore, we, as the organizing committee, intend to request permission to hold activities and use the RW 05 multipurpose building and grounds so that the program can run smoothly as it should.

Thus we submit this request. We hope that the application for permission to use this place will be granted so that this activity can be carried out. Thank you for your attention and support.

Wasalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Karang Taruna Secretary Karang Taruna Chairperson


Subject: Application for Scholarship
Attachments: 1 File


Chancellor of Airlangga Suurabaya University
Jalan Kayu Putih Raya Km.10.5 Surabaya


With respect,
In connection with the information on student registration scholarships for 2016/2017 academic year announced on the university's website on June 15, 2016, I sign below:

Name: Muhammad Fauzan Saputra
NPM: 32908090
Faculty of Economics and Business
Major: Islamic Economics
Semester: V (Five)
Place / date of birth: Bandung, January 20, 1994
Address: Jalan Melati Putih Gg. Mawar No. 10B Surabaya

I hereby intend to submit an application to obtain the 2016/2016 flagship student scholarship. And for your consideration, I attach:

Photocopy of Student Identity Card (KTM)
Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP)
Photocopy of Semester 1 - 4 semester transcript
Parent's Income Statement
Police Registration Certificate (SKCK)
Declaration Not as a Scholarship Recipient
Letter of Recommendation from the Dean of Student Affairs
Photocopy of Electricity Account for the last 3 months
Photocopy of PDAM Account for the last 3 months
Photocopy of Parent's Statement of Income
Certificate of Disability from the Village
Photocopy of Savings Account Book
Photograph 4 x 6 (3 Sheets)
Thus I made this petition. I hope that this scholarship application can be granted. For your attention and assistance, I thank you.