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Management of Outgoing Letters

Management of Outgoing Letters

Management of Outgoing Letters
Management of Outgoing Letters

Management of Outgoing Letters

Management of Outgoing Letters - The article archive of letters you read this time with the title of Management of Outgoing Letters, hopefully the contents of the article posts Tips on making Letters that we write are useful for all readers. Happy reading the article about Handling Outgoing Mail.

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Management of Outgoing Letters
Outgoing letters are all official letters that will be sent to officials listed on the official letter address and official letter envelope. Handling of incoming letters, recording, numbering / stamping and sending outgoing mails should be centralized in the secretariat or other sections that carry out secretarial functions to facilitate supervision and control. Handling of outgoing mail is carried out through the following stages.
a. Processing
1) Processing activities start from the preparation to the signing of official letters. The preparation of outgoing mail was carried out, partly because
(a) leadership policies are in place;
(b) reaction to an action;
(c) a new concept.
2) The preparation / drafting of outgoing mail draft is as follows.
a) The preparation / drafting of the concept is carried out by the officials / employees who field it, such as the secretary / head of the secretariat or the appointed official.
b) Every concept that is prepared must be based on leadership policies and direction.
c) Every concept that will be submitted to the leadership must first be examined by the secretary / head of the secretariat or the official entrusted with authority. In accordance with the leader's instructions or according to his own consideration of the contents of the official letter, the secretary of the leadership of the secretariat sets the level of speed of delivery and the level of security of the letter.
d) Every draft official letter prior to being signed by the authorized official is initialed by the officials two levels below who are tasked with preparing the draft official letter.
e) Location of initial affixing is set as follows.
(1) Initial of the official who is two levels below the official signatory of official letters is affixed to the left / before the name of the official signatory of the letter.
(2) Initials of officials who are one level below the official signatory of official letters shall be affixed to the right / after the name of the signatory official.
(3) After the official letter is initialed by the official concerned and no longer contains deficiencies / errors that need to be corrected, the next process is
(a) submission to the official who will sign the letter;
(b) signing by the official concerned;
(c) affixing a stamp;
(d) assigning numbers.
b. Recording
All outgoing letters are recorded in the Outgoing Record Book in which the form, composition, and procedure for recording are regulated by their respective agencies.
c. Doubling
1) Doubling is the activity of multiplying official letters by means of reproduction available in accordance with the number of addresses to be addressed.
2) Duplication is only done after the letter out is signed by the authorized official.
3) The service stamp affixed to the copy must be original (not a copy).
4) The amount doubled is according to the destination address (distribution address).
5) Duplicate outgoing letters which the speed of delivery is lightning and very soon must take precedence.
6) Duplication of outgoing letters whose security level is very confidential / confidential must be closely monitored.
7) The secretary / head of the secretariat is obliged to maintain that the copying is carried out according to the provisions stipulated by the respective agencies.
d. Delivery
1) The outgoing letter to be sent is included in the cover.
2) On the cover of outgoing letters whose security level is ordinary (B), confidential (R), and highly confidential (SR) the full address, official letter number, and stamp correspond to the level of speed of delivery (lightning / immediate / very soon / very regular / normal ).
3) Letters of which the SR or R security level is entered in the envelope, shall be given a complete address, official letter number, official stamp, stamp which corresponds to the speed of delivery and the security level stamp. This cover is inserted into the second cover with the same signs except the security level stamp.
4) All outgoing mail sent is recorded in the Expedition Book as proof of delivery or made a separate proof of delivery.
5) For security purposes, the secretary / head of the secretariat seeks the safety of sending all outgoing letters, especially those with SR / R security levels.
e. Storage
1) All outgoing mail records must be kept in accordance with the applicable provisions in the archives.
2) The original manuscript of the official letter out and the initialed document must be kept.
3) The procedure for storing outgoing mail is regulated by each agency.

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